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Eagle Crest, OR

Eastern Oregon is quite a departure from the Cascadian divided western side. It was sunny and pleasantly warm during my stay with my mom and sister's family at the Eagle Crest resort town in between the towns of Sister, Redmond, and north of Bend. The twisted and gnarly juniper trees fascinated me, as well as the beautiful desert landscape I seldom get to see.

Sister Jeana, and Nephew Brady.

Brady, endless source of kinetic nuclear energy, world's youngest paleontologist, and Transformer destroyer.

Skyler and Brady.

Mom and Brady.

One of three pools at Eagle Crest, this one has a fountain play area.

Along highway 242 west of Sisters, there is a huge swath of an old forest fire. Upon returning for to photograph at sunset, I came upon this gravel pit. That's Black Butte in the distance.

Smith Rock State Park. Popular with rock climbers, naturally.

A piece of juniper. Looked like a parasitic worm.

Sitting dragon.

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