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Whidbey Island Birthday Party

Back on August 20th, we celebrated the 70th birthday of Beth, Ellie's mom. It was at a favorite rental beach house of the family's, located in Mutiny Bay on Whidbey Island. It's a quiet beach front community, though mostly rental homes, that seemed to have the charm of a secret oasis from the daily monotonous grind of life. The sunsets were a spectacular pink hue, which morphed into deep orange a red. I managed to come away with a sun burn to remind me of the get-away.

Birthday girl, Beth.

Erin and I.

Ellie and Beth.

The crew: Jim, Beth, Erin, and Ellie.

Ebey's Landing at Fort Ebey State Park. A former coastal defense outpost during WWII.

Very demure trees around here.


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